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What Are The Techniques And Methods of Training

techniques or methods of training what are the techniques or methods of training types of training techniques…



Training Techniques :- basically there are two types of training methods
                        * On the job training
                        * Off the job training

# # On the job training :-  “training a person to learn a task or job while working at it.” a person learn a task when he actually performs it .

following are the on the job  training techniques :-

1. Apprenticeship Training :- it is a structured process by which person or trainee become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction and task performing.

2. Coaching :- a person having the sound knowledge in related field play the role of guiding and teaching a trainee. and tells him how to do a task or job and corrects the errors.

3. Job instruction training (JIT) :- listing of each job’s basic task, along with key points in order to provide step by step training for employee or trainee. 
the steps show what is to be done, where as the key points show how and why it’s to be done.

4. Understudy training :- it is a technique to prepare a trained individual for taking over the charge of his senior after his retirement, transfer, promotion, leave or death .  

5. Job Rotation :- the term job rotation refers to transfer of a employee from one job to another or from one department to another or one section to another in a planned manner.


# # Off the job training :- “training a person to learn a task or job without performs it.” a person learn a task when he is not at job place and not actual performs the task .

following are the methods and techniques of off the job training.

 1. Case Study: Under this technique the cases based on actual business situations are prepared and given to the trainee managers for discussion and arriving at a proper decision.

2. Vestibule or simulated training :- in this technique  trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on the job but are actually trained off the job. example – pilot training.

3. Role Playing :-  the trainees have to assume a role of a person in the simulated situation. the have to perform as they would be doing a job.

4. Programmed learning :-  involving  presenting questions or facts, allowing the person to respond, and giving the learner immediate feedback on the accuracy of his or her answer.

5. Basket Method :- in this techniques a basket containing various kinds of correspondences such as reports, letters, applications each involving some problems and given to the trainee to solve.

6. Audio Visual Training :-  audio visual techniques like films, video conferencing, audio video tapes help in learning.

7. Computer based training :-  in computer based training the trainee uses a computer based system to learn knowledge and skills. 
        Example – CAD (computer aided design)



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