Friday, 23 March 2012

Process Of Training | What Is The Process Of Training

process of training steps in training process what is the training process…


process of training :- 
                                    following is the process of training


Organizational Objectives and Strategies :-
nature of the business, and organizational mission, vision and goal consider in this step. 

Assessment of Training Needs :-
                                                    identification of training needs
             1. Organization needs assessment :- analysis of environment, strategies and resources to determine where to emphasize training.

             2. Task needs assessment :- analysis of activities to be performed in order to determine needed competencies.

              3. Employee needs assessment :- analysis of performance, knowledge and skills in order to determine who needs training.

Establishment of Training Goals :-  pre determine result of training .

        Example :- the successful trainee will be expected to type 60 words per minute with no error.

Designing Training and Development Programme :-

1) Who participates in the programme?
2) Who are the trainers?
3) What methods and techniques are to be used for training?
4) What should be the level of training?
5) What learning principles are needed?
6) Where is the program conducted?

Implementation of the training :- 
                                                    starting or first action to training .

Evaluation of training :-
                                      comparison of results with past performance. 


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