Saturday, 24 March 2012

Off The Job Training | Off The Job Training Techniques

what is Off the job training what are the techniques of off the job training and methods …

Off the job training :- “training a person to learn a task or job without performs it.” a person learn a task when he is not at job place and not actual performs the task .

following are the methods and techniques of off the job training.

 1. Case Study: Under this technique the cases based on actual business situations are prepared and given to the trainee managers for discussion and arriving at a proper decision.

2. Vestibule or simulated training :- in this technique  trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on the job but are actually trained off the job. example – pilot training.

3. Role Playing :-  the trainees have to assume a role of a person in the simulated situation. the have to perform as they would be doing a job.

4. Programmed learning :-  involving  presenting questions or facts, allowing the person to respond, and giving the learner immediate feedback on the accuracy of his or her answer.

5. Basket Method :- in this techniques a basket containing various kinds of correspondences such as reports, letters, applications each involving some problems and given to the trainee to solve.

6. Audio Visual Training :-  audio visual techniques like films, video conferencing, audio video tapes help in learning.

7. Computer based training :-  in computer based training the trainee uses a computer based system to learn knowledge and skills. 
        Example – CAD (computer aided design)


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