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Methods And Techniques of Recruitment | HR Recruitment Method

what are the methods or source of recruitment and what are the techniques of recruitment methods and techniques of recruitment…



                                            methods of recruitment

Methods or Techniques of Recruitment :-
                                                                  following are the methods techniques and source of recruitment - 

Internal method of recruitment :-

# Promotion :- movement of employee from lower position to higher 

# transfer :-   movement of employee from one job two another

# retired & disable employee :- retired employee and disable employee can join available post.

# employee referral :- It is a recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant.


External methods of recruitment :-

# Campus recruitment :-
It is a method of recruiting by visiting and participating in college campuses and their placement centers. 

#   Advertisements:- The ads generally give a brief outline of the job – ads by newspapers magazines radio TV and hidings.

#   Private Employment Agencies :- These private agencies are brokers who bring employers and employees together.

# State or Public Employment Agencies:- These agencies provide a wide range of services — counseling, assistance in getting jobs, information about the labor market, labor and wage rates.

# Employee Referrals:- It is a recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant. Friends and relatives of present employees are also a good source.

# Trade Unions :- trade unions may provide manual and skilled workers in sufficient numbers as job requirement .

# online data bank :- www.naukri.com , www.timesjob.com, www.shine.com etc. are the online resume bank where they are matched against the resume data stored there in.



Peeljobs.com where you can find lots of resumes matched against the resume data stored

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