Saturday, 17 March 2012

Functions of Human Resources Management | Functions of HRM

What Are The Functions of Human Resources Management HRM Functions…


                                                      HRM Functions

HRM Functions :- 
                         mainly there are two types of functions -

  1.  Managerial Functions:- 
  2.  Operative Functions:-

Managerial Functions:- 
                                 managerial function are those which help in managing the organization as well as individuals.
following are the basic managerial functions of human resource management

# Planning :- It is a pre-determined course of action.

# organizing;-
It is essential to carry out the determined course of action. Thus, organization establishes relationships among the employees so that they can help in achieving organization goals

# Leading & Directing:- leading the employee by giving appropriate direction to work or task

# Controlling:- controlling the employee by rewards and punishment

Operative Functions:-
                                   operative function of human resources refers to following specific activities :- 

# Employment :-
                            1.Job Analysis 
                            2.HR Planning

# HR Development :-

                            1. Performance Appraisal
                            3.Career Planning – promotion transfer

# Compensation :-

                            1. Job Evaluation
                            2. wages and salary administration                            
                            3. Fringe benefits housing, education and other facilities


# Human Relations :-

                            1. motivation
                            2. communication                            
                            3. satisfaction
                            4. grievance handling
                            5. discipline


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